This CBD hair and beard cream. This cream can be used daily and is very suitable for healthy hair and beard, nourishing, restorative and moisturizing. It is also very healthy to soothe the scalp and hair follicles. Perfect for keeping your hair and beard in shape. This cream provides shine and extra protection for split ends. because this cream consists of natural ingredients and is packed with vitamins, minerals and fats. therefore it is ideal for hair and beard care!

Take good care of yourself and try it out now and be amazed by the benefits of this hair and beard cream!



- Cera alba

- Butyrospermum parkii

- Cocos nucifera

- Sodium olivate

- Mentha Piperita Oil

- Cedrus atlantica bark oil

- C21H30O2

- Propolis

- CBD Honey

- 50mg CBD

-THC free

Net Weight 90gr