MysteryBees CBD Lavender Honey is 100% Organic, naturally pure and guaranteed without additives. What makes the honey so delicious is its unique strong, spicy Lavender CBD taste. As soon as you unscrew the lid of the jar, you are greeted with a wonderful floral aroma! Our Lavender CBD Honey is made in a special way by our bees that collect nectar from thousands of flowers of blue-purple lavender bushes.

Our unique CBD Lavender honey is known for its beneficial and calming properties.

And therefore much healthier and tastier than supermarket honey!

In short, a delicious CBD Lavender Honey for those who want unusual honey.


Usage description:

MysteryBees CBD lavender Honey Crystallizes into a solid form after a while.

You can liquefy the honey again by placing the closed jar in a warm water bath, max 30 ° C (lukewarm).

Overheating destroys the enzymes that make this product so valuable.

MysteryBees CBD lavender Honey is delicious to use in tea, shakes or other treats of your choice.


Quantity: 250gr.

 Shelf life: 1 year



300mg CBD+CBDA

0.02% THC


All our MysteryBees honey products contain no allergens.