In collaboration with a raspberry nursery here in Limburg. We released bees near the raspberries themselves.

The bees visited and pollinated thousands of raspberry flowers from which we were ultimately able to harvest this limited edition raspberry honey!

Taste the unique taste of this delicious CBD raspberry honey now that you will not find anywhere else in the world.

As indicated, this is a limited edition, so be quick because there is only a limited stock available!


MysteryBees CBD Raspberry Honey Crystallizes into a solid form after a while.

You can liquefy the honey again by placing the closed jar in a warm water bath, max 30 ° C (lukewarm).

Overheating destroys the enzymes that make this product so valuable.


MysteryBeess CBD Honey is delicious to use in tea, shakes or other treats of your choice.



280 grams of raspberry honey.


300mg CBD+CBDA

0.02% THC


Shelf life: 1 year


All our MysteryBees honey products contain no allergens.