CBD Heather honey

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CBD Heather Honey is a wonderfully fragrant and spicy honey that has a full flavor and can rightly be called a delicacy! CBD heather honey is very popular and is sometimes only available for a few weeks a year!


The special thing about CBD heather honey is its unique specific taste and jelly-like structure. Good CBD heather honey is so stiff that the jar can be held upside down without the honey spilling out. The honey is held so tightly in the honeycomb, which is why extracting CBD heather honey is very more labor-intensive than other CBD honeys. Heather honey is very healthy. It contains the most antioxidants and minerals you can find!


Our CBD heather honey comes from Limburg soil. The bee colonies are placed on the heath in mid-August and remain there until mid-September. This is the perfect time when the heather is in beautiful purple bloom, and therefore also the time to obtain CBD heather honey!


CBD Heather Honey Crystallizes into a solid form after a while.

You can liquefy the CBD heather honey again by placing the closed jar in a warm water bath, max 30 ° C (lukewarm).

Overheating destroys the enzymes that make this product so valuable.

CBD Heather Honey can be used in tea, shakes or other treats of your choice.



300mg CBD+CBDA

0.02% THC


All our MysteryBees honey products contain no allergens.