Sweet Mead wine.


This Sweet Mead Wine is made with love, patience and craftsmanship.

A traditional mead only has CBD honey as a seasoning.

This sweet mead is a nice combination of hemp and sweet CBD honey, which gives a beautifully balanced and sweet whole to the mead wine.

Traditional mead made from natural CBD honey from our own beekeeping!

We always guarantee 100% pure CBD honey and that makes this drink extra tasty and of the very best quality!


Alcohol: 11%


Contents: 0.25ml


Ingredients: water, CBD honey, yeast and love!



Stories about mead and its origins abound and there is much speculation about it. This is probably because no one knows the true story of mead. One thing we do know is that mead has been around longer than history records.


(NB !)

< not yet 18 years old, then this wine is not for you.

< not 18 years? Then we do not sell alcohol.

< Up to 25 years old, show your ID.

< Proof of identification will be requested upon delivery!