This Grinder is specially designed for the best green lovers around the world.

Who would like to store their greenery properly and cure it in the best way!


With the MysteryGrinder you are now always well prepared! And you will never forget anything again because this Grinder has 4 advantages!

1: You always have your greenery with you so that it can be cured in the very best way!

2: From now on, take a closer look at your greenery with the magnifying glass and LED lamp!

3: A Grinder to grind your greens!

4: Underneath your Grinder is an aluminum pipe for pure smoking. (If you don't have anything to run)


This Grinder contains:

- Storage space.

- Magnifying glass.

- Rechargeable LED lamp with charging cable.

- Built-in Grinder function.

- Hidden aluminum pipe for pure smoking.